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1. What is Integrity Vetting?

Integrity Vetting is a process of assessing the integrity of an individual before selection, recruitment, promotion, nomination and appointment of a person in the private or public office and/or to take part in the National Parliament or Local Government or entering into a public contractual relationship.

2. What is Integrity Vetting System?

It is a web-based System established as a repository of information to be used in vetting the integrity of a person and generating the Integrity Vetting Report against a person.

3. How can the agency obtain the Integrity Vetting Report?

The head of the competent authority of a requesting agency shall direct the Focal Person of the agency with formal order to seek the Integrity Vetting Report for an intended purpose from the Commission. Upon verification by the Commission, a user access credential will be issued to the designated focal person of an agency to apply as well as to access the IVR. The report shall only be accessible for a period of one week after the issuance of IVR by the Commission.

4. Does IVR have any validity?

IVR does not have validity. The system process and generates the report as of the date of application. However, the focal person can access the report for a period of one week from the date of the approval.

5. Can IVR be used for numerous purposes?

The IVR is processed and generated for an intended purpose and can only be used for that purpose only.