I will not be corrupt and I will not tolerate corruption in others. - His Majesty The King


Integrity Vetting refers to the process of assessing the integrity of an individual before selection, recruitment, promotion, nomination or appointment in a public or private office and/or to take part in the National Parliament or Local Government or entering into a public contractual relationship.

Integrity Vetting System (IVS)

A web-based system is established to serve as a repository of information to be used for the vetting and generation of the Integrity Vetting Report (IVR). The system will automate the fact-based information gathered mainly from the investigation module of ACC's Complaint and Investigation Management System and Asset Declaration System. Data from relevant external agencies/databases will be integrated ensuing the successful launch of the system to ensure comprehensiveness of the vetting report.

IVR shall be of four types for general public:
a) No Record
b) Provisional Record
c) With Recordand
d) Adverse Record
For the purpose of election, based on the requirement of Election Commission of Bhutan, two types of report will be issued:
a) Integrity Vetting Report with no record and
b) Integrity Vetting Report with adverse record.

The IVR shall apply to:
a) Selection, recruitment, promotion, nomination, and appointment in the public office for the posts that include but are not limited to:
    i. Senior civil servants which shall include civil servants in the position level of P1 and above including the head of a Division or Unit who may not fall within this position level;
    ii. Public servants in the position level equivalent to P1 and above; and
    iii. Candidates for the appointment as a member of the Board of Directors in the companies registered in accordance with Companies Act of Bhutan; and
    iv. Nominees who have been nominated for an appointment by the competent authority in the independent posts which may include but not limited to posts in the Constitutional Offices, Government Secretaries, and Office of the Attorney General.
b) Selection, recruitment, promotion, and appointment in the private office for the posts of Senior Management and above
c) Aspiring candidates for election to the House of Parliament and Local Government; and
d) The award of a public contract or for entering into a contractual relationship, where the contract value involves the minimum threshold limit for Open Biding as may be prescribed under the Procurement Rules and Regulation.

Objectives of IVS
  • Establish the Integrity Vetting System as a repository of information for integrity vetting
  • Institute a system of issuing Integrity Vetting Report to promote and mainstream integrity in the public and private sector
  • To assist agencies in making informed decision related to human resource action.
  • Offer such other guidance as may be necessary for the effective implementation of Integrity Vetting Rules 2022